How Breathwork Changed My Life

You know those days that stick in your memory? The ones that are permanent, you can remember vividly what happened, almost like a movie. You remember the feelings, the sensations, and when you play that movie in your head you relive all of those again. 

Getting Sober

That is how I remember the day I quit drinking. July 24, 2018. That day was a turning point. I finally decided I had enough. I hated the person I was becoming, I did not like the person I was. I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of self-destruction. 

Deciding to quit was the easy part. What was much, much more difficult was staying sober. I used alcohol to cope. I used it to suppress and numb my feelings. I used it to curb social anxiety. It was a crutch for me in so many ways. When I quit I had to learn how to cope with life again.

Learning to Cope

I had suppressed so much. Once I stopped drinking it all began to surface. Slowly but surely. I began to see how I reacted to my emotions. I began to become self-aware. I started following accounts on Instagram that were related to self-healing. I found Dr. Nicole LePera’s page and began following her work. She posted all about building self-awareness and that’s what I was determined to do. I joined her Self-Healers Circle as a founding member. I began doing the work inside the membership. 

One practice that was revolutionary for my healing was Future Self-Journaling. This practice is where you journal each day on a pattern that you are going to shift. You must stick to the same pattern for at least 30 days. You make one small promise to yourself to help you achieve the pattern shift. For example, I might write, “Today I am focusing on listening to how my body wants to move. I will move my body intuitively for at least 15 min.” This practice was transformative and helped me gain confidence in myself. 

Another transformative practice I began was yoga. I started watching Yoga With Adriene and following along with her videos. Yoga was this beautiful practice that connected me with my body. I had spent so much time disconnected from my body and my truth. I didn’t know how to be present and was riddled with anxiety. Yoga allowed me to slow down and listen to my body. To notice the places I was tensing up, the places where energy was blocked. I learned to use my breath to help the energy flow. Everytime I came to the mat I learned something new about myself. It was so healing to connect with my body in this way. To be gentle, to listen to what it needs, to notice how each day it is different.

Learning to Breathe

Fast Forward to early 2020, right before COVID hit. I found my mentor, Samantha Skelly, on an Instagram Live that she was on. I began to follow her and her company, Pause Breathwork, on Instagram. I began doing the 30-minute LIVE integrative breathwork sessions on IG each morning. I started to feel connected to my body and my soul in a whole new way. 

I felt so grounded and connected to myself after each session. I was also meditating each morning after my breathwork. I was really putting in work, but I was not living in my truth. I was hiding from so many truths. Truths that I am not ready to share here. I had experienced a chaotic, traumatic childhood and a lot of past memories and feelings began to surface.

After one breathwork session on living in your integrity, I had a “holy shit” moment. I realized I could no longer keep these things inside. I had to get it out and I needed to do it immediately. I have never felt such a sense of urgency before. I was not living in my integrity and I was lying to keep it that way. Only I could free myself. Only I could release the truth and move toward alignment. So that’s exactly what I did. I’ll save the details of that story for another blog post once I am done processing all that has happened.

It was after I had this realization that I knew I wanted to share breathwork with the world. I signed up for the Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training and did just that. During the 75+ hour practicum, I had clients from countries all around the globe. The Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training changed my life. I am a completely different person than I was in March of 2020. 

Breathwork has shown me that the only thing I can control is myself, and I can do that through my breath. When I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed I can connect to my breath. When I catch myself holding my breath, I can take a long inhale and exhale and reconnect with my body. When I need guidance, I know that I can connect to my breath and listen to my intuition. 

Breathwork is the most powerful healing modality. In any moment, at any given time, you can access the breath and reconnect with your soul, with your truth, with your body.

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